Mathematica Bohemica, online first, 16 pp.

On oscillatory nonlinear fourth-order difference equations with delays

Arun K. Tripathy

Received February 6, 2016.  First published May 19, 2017.

Abstract:  In this work, oscillatory behaviour of solutions of a class of fourth-order neutral functional difference equations of the form \begin{equation*} \Delta^2(r(n)\Delta^2(y(n)+p(n)y(n-m)))+ q(n)G(y(n-k))=0 \end{equation*} is studied under the assumption \begin{equation*} \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}\frac{n}{r(n)}< \infty. \end{equation*} New oscillation criteria have been established which generalize some of the existing results in the literature.
Keywords:  oscillation; nonlinear; delay; neutral functional difference equation
Classification MSC:  39A10, 39A12
DOI:  10.21136/MB.2017.0018-16

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Affiliations:   Arun K. Tripathy, Department of Mathematics, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha 768019, India, e-mail:

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