Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, first online, pp. 1-19

Constructing modular forms from harmonic Maass Jacobi forms

Ran Xiong, Haigang Zhou

Received September 24, 2019.   Published online December 18, 2020.

Abstract:  We construct a family of modular forms from harmonic Maass Jacobi forms by considering their Taylor expansion and using the method of holomorphic projection. As an application we present a certain type Hurwitz class relations which can be viewed as a generalization of Mertens' result in M. H. Mertens (2016).
Keywords:  modular form; harmonic Maass Jacobi form; holomorphic projection; Hurwitz class number
Classification MSC:  11F50, 11F37, 11F30
DOI:  10.21136/CMJ.2020.0427-19

PDF available at:  Springer   Institute of Mathematics CAS

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Affiliations:   Ran Xiong (corresponding author), School of Mathematical Sciences, East China Normal University, No. 500, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, P. R. China, e-mail:; Haigang Zhou, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tongji University, No. 1239, Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, P. R. China, e-mail:

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