Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, first online, pp. 1-9

Combinatorial interpretations for identities using chromatic partitions

Mateus Alegri, Wagner Ferreira Santos, Samuel Brito Silva

Received December 21, 2019.   Published online February 2, 2021.

Abstract:  We provide combinatorial interpretations for three new classes of partitions, the so-called chromatic partitions. Using only combinatorial arguments, we show that these partition identities resemble well-know ordinary partition identities.
Keywords:  integer partition; chromatic partition; Ferrers graph; partition identity
Classification MSC:  05A17, 11P82, 11P84
DOI:  10.21136/CMJ.2021.0542-19

PDF available at:  Springer   Institute of Mathematics CAS

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Affiliations:   Mateus Alegri (corresponding author), Wagner Ferreira Santos, Samuel Brito Sila, University of Sergipe, Av. Vereador Olímpio Grande, s/n, Itabaiana, Sergipe, Brazil, e-mail:,,

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