Mathematica Bohemica, Vol. 148, No. 4, pp. 617-629, 2023

On limit cycles of piecewise differential systems formed by arbitrary linear systems and a class of quadratic systems

Aziza Berbache

Received November 26, 2021.   Published online December 20, 2022.

Abstract:  We study the continuous and discontinuous planar piecewise differential systems separated by a straight line and formed by an arbitrary linear system and a class of quadratic center. We show that when these piecewise differential systems are continuous, they can have at most one limit cycle. However, when the piecewise differential systems are discontinuous, we show that they can have at most two limit cycles, and that there exist such systems with two limit cycles. Therefore, in particular, we have solved the extension of the 16th Hilbert problem to this class of differential systems.
Keywords:  discontinuous piecewise differential system; continuous piecewise differential system; first integral; non-algebraic limit cycle; linear system; quadratic center
Classification MSC:  34C05, 34C07, 37G15

PDF available at:  Institute of Mathematics CAS

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Affiliations:   Aziza Berbache, University Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi of Bordj Bou Arreridj, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Department of Mathematics, El Anasser 34265, Algeria, e-mail:

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